Free Shipping on Orders over $100 in the US


Our Harcour USA customer service is here to address any of your product or order-related concerns whether you have a question regarding a return, exchange or order tracking.

Returns and Exchange Requests

For our customer service department to be able to determine if your return or exchange request can be approved, any or all items must be in their original packaging, all tags and brand labeling intact and in the original packaging. If you are not happy with your selection, we can exchange or refund your item. Exchanges are optional for 30-days from the date of delivery

If your item has been 'sold out' or is no longer available, we will offer you an exchange credit code worth your original item price (excluding shipping) for up to 30 days. 

If your order requires a full return, the product must have been delivered incorrectly or damaged in shipping. For consideration, please upload a photo(s) of your item and its condition along with your order number and a description of the damage or lost shipment. Our customer service agents will review and respond to you directly via email.

If you would like to contact us directly email our Customer Service at You can also text us at 714-293-5554.

Shipping Info

Harcour USA utilizes all major shipping carriers to save our customers the most in shipping costs. Shipping options will be available to each customer at the time of checkout. 

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